Demand for Ford GT supercar reaches super heights 0

Getting behind the wheel of Ford’s new supercar is up to the wheel of fortune as demand skyrockets.

The Ford GT Supercar is yet to be priced, but that isn’t stopping hopeful pre-orders flooding in. Disappointment is inevitable – a deeper life lesson for you all – as less than 28 of the cars are expected to be made available in the UK market.

The battle to hold the keys to one of these cars, a battle that more than likely only the wealthiest of wealthy will be partaking in, is expected to be intense with over 250 people already registering interest in purchasing one in the UK alone. The interest in the car is so strong that an expert at Magnitude Finance, well versed in the high end, has reported that the car is more desired than the Ferrari Enzo, La Ferrari and P1 McLaren. Ford are manufacturing just 250 models a year for the global market, with production expected to end after four years. Of these predicted 1000 cars, Ford UK are anticipating only a minimal allotted amount which has led to some unprecedented antics from hopeful UK buyers. Demand is so high that an as-yet-still undeclared price is not deterring interest. Estimates for the Ford GT vary greatly. Some are estimating that prices could be anywhere from £180,000 to £350,000. When asked for a hint about the price a Ford spokesperson, doing their very best ‘no prices displayed’ Harrods impression, had nothing to comment.

It has been reported that many have begun sending in requests from holiday homes across the world (oh how the other half live) in the hopes that they will be put on waiting lists for several countries. Such is the demand that Tim Marlow of Magnitude Finance compared it to “desperate parents who move house to get their children into the best school catchment area.” If applying from holiday homes didn’t seem alien enough, some are actually shelling out tens of thousands of pound on Ford’s other cars, such as the Mustang, in hopes that it will work as an investment and move them up the priority list. The specifics of the supercar include an Ecoboost twin-turbo 3.5-litre V6 engine, sending more than 600bhp to the rear wheels and an automatic transmission favoured over a manual. Many have predicted this could result in a 0-60mph time close to three seconds and a top speed exceeding 200mph. Inside there will be a fully customisable high-def display replacing a traditional instrument panel and the cell the driver sits in built entirely from carbon fibre and F1-style pushrod suspension.

Supercar, super price tag, super out of our league; good luck to anyone attempting to get one though, you’ll need it.