Classic Fords better investments than Ferraris 0

Classic-Fords-better-investments-than-FerrarisFigures released by Classic Car Auction Results, which compares the results from car auctions held the world over, show that over the past couple of years, classic 1970’s-era Fords were selling for prices around 3.4 times their worth in the mid 1990’s.

Ferraris from the same period however, were only going for around 3.2 times their worth, meaning that Fords were overall providing a greater return on investment.

Fords from the 70’s cost a fraction of their Ferrari contemporaries which makes the higher return all the more surprising.

Other car brands to age well in the eyes of buyers were Aston Martin and BMW. Some Astons were now selling for four times their original market value in the 1990s. BMW meanwhile, saw an even greater increase, with some going for as much as 5.6 times their value of two decades ago.


A spokesman for Classic Car Auction Results said: “What we can see from the data, is that since the early 90s the brands that have increased in value the most are Aston Martin and BMW, which are now trading for 4.4 and 5.6 times their 1990s price respectively.

“So if you, or your parents, put money into a 70s classic back in 1990, then an Aston, BMW or Ford would have made you the most return on your investment.”

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