Can the MKZ help Lincoln? 0

Lincoln, Ford’s luxury brand has to set their sights on self-driving technology.  Considering that road safety fears are rife across the United States at present, Lincoln’s latest attempt will help to ease fears.

The MKZ is being hyped up. Lincoln is currently struggling and has been for many years, with their reputation not quite what it used to be. Their latest model is planned to help enhance their fortune this year. Their future is pretty much on the line with this vehicle.

Superb technology

The Lincoln MKZ will come with a Lane Keeper. This is an intelligent feature helps to steer the vehicle on the road. It is guided by a camera which recognises the road markings. If the vehicle steers out of lane, the vehicle automatically steers back into lane. This differs from what other car makes have to offer. The technology takes control of the steering wheel and helps to steer the vehicle, rather than just applying the brakes.

The steering itself is a strong positive on the vehicle. It has electric assisted power which helps accuracy and enjoyment of the ride.

The adaptive cruise control is quite a unique feature too. This uses radar which matches the car’s speed which is travelling ahead. The vehicle will brake whenever needed. Any obstacles in the road will be found out and avoided where necessary.

The vehicle has various different styling features such as an optional sunroof. This neat feature slides further down the rear window.

Fears of disappointment

Despite the vehicle’s excellent technology, there have been some doubts as to whether it will be a success or not for Lincoln. Some have questioned the MKZ’s luxury credentials. The tyres do not provide enough comfort, rather going for better grip on the road instead.

When in comfort mode, with the suspension adjusted, the vehicle does not handle uncomfortable road surfaces very well. Its interior has not been praised very highly either by some expert reviews in the United States.

For a luxurious type of vehicle, the engine is not quite up to scratch according to some. Many expected a more powerful engine in a Lincoln.

Does the Lincoln MKZ have what it takes to help revive the company’s fortunes?  It will be difficult for the company to battle against the likes of BMW, Mercedes and even Audi.