A history of the Ford Escort – from Mk1 to Mk7 (Mark 2) 0

A-history-of-the-Ford-Escort-from-Mk1-to-Mk-7(Mark-2Continuing our celebration of Ford’s legendary Escort series, which passed through seven generations from 1968 all the way up to 2000 – we now turn our attention to the second offering, released seven years after the revolutionary Mk1. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you the Escort…

Mark II (1975-80)

Yes, the Mark II – the most successful rally car of all time.

In a dual venture between Ford of Germany, and the UK division, the Mk2 picked up the baton from its predecessor by offering everything from the base-spec 1.1-litre version to the rip-roaring RS2000 road-racer.

The latter was memorable in many ways, in particular for its slanty, polyurethane nosecone (the one in Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels driven by Vinnie Jones), but the Mk2 was most striking when it came in its flat-fronted battle mode.

On the world’s rally circuits, the RS1800 won too many times to count. It was ludicrously successful. A testament to its capabilities is that just about every rally driver going wants one. Colin McRae had one, Ken Block has one. For many car enthusiasts, this was THE Escort. Smoky, retro sideways fun.

Also, its launch video was pretty darned good too…

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