440 Ford workers forced out of jobs 0

Ford Australia have announced that they to let go of 440 employees in Australia. In what in shocking news to the Australian and the worldwide automotive industry, many have been left devastated by the announcement. The staff concerned will be dropped from plants in Melbourne and Geelong.

The Australian Government stood firm on their stance of not investing more into the country’s automotive industry. Some had previously hoped that the Government’s stance may have changed following the sacking of 440 staff from Ford. Today’s news will not change anything at all as far as the Government is concerned unfortunately. Greg Combet, the Federal Industry Minister confirmed the news saying “We have $5.4 billion committed through to 2020 with the auto industry. I’m not committing any funds at this point in time to anything additional.”

All employees who do not agree on terms for voluntary redundancies will let go.

Ford previously had production figures of 209 daily. They subsequently dipped to producing 148 daily towards the end of last year as Australia suffered from an automotive market crisis.

The Government did however play a major part in helping Ford. If a $5.4 billion deal was not struck to fund the failing automotive industry, there could have been job losses of thousands rather than hundreds some experts believe.

Ford themselves secured a $103 million package of financial help previously with part of that coming from the Government. This allowed Ford to produce the likes of the Ford Falcon, the Ford Territory SUV and more until the year 2016.
One Ford worker in Australia was shocked that a total of 440 workers were cut. Many believed that the figure would have been fewer than 150.

The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union have had their say on the matter, saying that the news is a massive blow to the workers and families of Ford Australia.

Bob Graziano, the head of Ford Australia has blamed the sales of large vehicles claiming that sales have dipped by a quarter from January to June.

Ford originally began in Australia back in 1902. Sales of their flagship model the Ford Falcon were at their highest level in 1974, selling 93,215. In April 2008 Ford let go of 74 staff as the worldwide automotive industry suffered a major breakdown. From here things just got worse with 450 jobs cut in October of that year.

Will Ford ride the storm?