Will the Ford GT come back in 2016? 1

new-ford-gtThe Ford GT is absolutely stunning and unique car. All enthusiasts would love to see a new version on our roads once again.

Rumours from the United States suggest that this could be made into a reality. As Ford are reaching it’s 50th anniversary of the victory at Le Mans.

If any car was to be released, it will be a top of the range model for Ford. The supercar would be designed for the road as well as the race track. Of course the road editions would be limited editions.

<h2>Downsized engine</h2>

The 5.8 litre V8 engine is not being built anymore. It seems as if the days of Ford building such a huge and powerful engine have gone. If a new Ford GT was to be built, it’s engine would follow the pattern of having an Ecoboost type engine. It would therefore be downsized.

This may not turn out to be as bad as it sounds. Ford has already provided these types of engines to the Daytona Prototype cars in the Tudor racing series. These particular types of engines were 3.5 litre twin turbo with Ecoboost technology. This means that figures of 600 BHP are not unrealistic at all. One of these engines was inside a winning car at the Sebring race.

Cylinder count nowadays within an engine doesn’t give much credit in terms of potential power. The three cylinder BMW i8 and the six cylinder Honda NSX V6 are proof of this.

<h2>Ford returning to Le Mans</h2>

Ford is considering returning to the world of endurance racing. Entering the Le Mans once again would bring back plenty of memories from 1966. The GT40 won the race and was able to continue its supremacy over the next four years.

It would also open up new avenues for Ford. The commercial gain from publicity and sponsors is potentially huge. The company would also gain exposure of their engine technology. Ford are not the only one’s thinking like that. Audi, Toyota and Porsche are also considering making a comeback.