The Wellhouse Ford Terrier Campervan 0

WellhouseWellhouse Campervans have customised the Ford Transit into a new stunning campervan. It has already been recognised as campervan of the year, received plenty of praise across the industry.


Taking a look at some of the features, it’s easy to see why. There are a couple of very clever innovations. The roof above the ‘living area’ opens up for extra headroom. It also offers more ventilation. Another is the rear bench. This is able to slide into different positions. This gives plenty of options to whoever is using it.

When moved forward, there is a huge storage space created right at the rear. When moved halfway back, a table can be placed in the middle. A dining area can easily be made this way with the front seats being rotated. Pushing the bench right back and flipping it down will give great space for a double bed. The roof contains another small double bed.  Both side doors can slide open, allowing you to cook whilst looking out over the stove. This is unusual for campervans, as this side are usually shut.


The interior looks fantastic. It’s all leather with polished surfaces. The lighting is recessed; giving the van is very classy type of atmosphere. Neat and practical storage space is everywhere.

There is also a 42 litre fridge, along with a twin burner hob, both being very user friendly. On the roof sits a large solar panel. This will keep the battery charged, which will come in handy when Wellhouse Ford Terrier was unable to plug-in on the campsite.


The exterior looks stunning. The colour scheme was chosen to perfection. The huge 18 inch alloy wheels make the van look menacing. The twin bonnet strips really stands out and adds a sporty type of feel to the van.

Who would have thought that a Ford Transit could be turned into something as cool as this?