The new Ford Focus Shelby ST 1

The new Ford Focus Shelby ST is a currently being showcased at the Detroit Motor Show. It is a modified version of the standard Focus ST.

The car has a 2.0 litre turbocharged engine under the bonnet, the same as the standard ST. The vehicle’s performance has however been altered with more advanced parts. This includes a lowered suspension, cross drilled brakes, a Borla exhaust system with a sportier shape. Carbon fibre elements will be placed around the exterior of the car. The exhaust system made with Borla will add some slight power to the vehicle, given the nature of it. In a drag race between the new Shelby ST and the standard one, there will not be too much difference.

At the moment Ford are developing a package to enhance the power of the vehicle. Many fans were slightly disappointed when they heard that the power will not be enhanced. The performance package being worked on will increase the power between 30 BHP and 60 BHP.

Different graphics packages for the vehicle are being offered. These are essentially stickers which are placed on the exterior, making the car look even more unique. Only 500 of them will be released every year.

The Ford Focus ST Shelby was designed at Shleby skunkworks and then tested at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway show.

What’s special about the car is that it offers a great deal of performance, style and individuality but for a cost price. It’s a more track focused vehicle rather than a road one.

Ford hasn’t stopped there however. There is also a Shelby Mustang GT500 Super Snake being shown at the Detroit Motor Show. This supreme machine is able to hit 838 BHP from its 5.4 litre V8 engine. The car can be modified for wider wheels too, being 13 inches at the back and 10 inches at the front which helps to improve the grip on the road.

Shelby’s American President, John T Luft said that the future of cars will essentially be more economical but will have more power. His exact words were “Carroll Shelby believed that in the future cars will have small footprints, a smaller number of cubic inches, but big power,”