The new 2013 Ford Mondeo 2

Images for the new 2013 Ford Mondeo have been released. It has been clearly based upon the Ford Evos, a concept car seen at the Frankfurt Show in 2011.

The Mondeo is a popular car her in the UK but no longer reaches the heights as it once did. The car was a top seller previously but those customers have gone into the hands of the Audi A4 and the BMW 3 Series.

No one is expecting Ford’s latest edition to reach those sorts of heights but the car does look quite good. The front grille almost looks as if it should on an Aston Martin. Generally the shape of the car is quite curvy and attractive. None of that can make people assume that it is on par with other luxury brands however.

The car has increased in size. This does increase practicality but those who live on tight roads or those who need to park on tiny spaces will not find the car very appealing. It appears to have a very “American” type of influence upon it’s size.

The UK will get 5 door versions of the Ford Mondeo only along with an estate. Other car markets will receive a 4 door version too.

The interior’s best feature is probably the Ford Sync infotainment system. Ford Sync first faced a barrage of negativity when first released as it has a number of bugs. After learning from their mistakes Ford improved their system and managed to release a version which has received positive reviews from experts. The company made the decision to release the system in Europe earlier this year.

The system itself is a neat touch screen which allows the driver to interact with the vehicle. All functions and controls are put into one easy to use device. The interior benefits from having a better designed interior too.

For the first time, a 1.0 litre will be placed within a Ford Mondeo. It’s not just any 1.0 litre engine however; it’s an Ecoboost engine, meaning it achieves the efficiency of a 1.0 litre but can produce the power of a 1.6 litre. A Hybrid option will also be made available. The Ford Mondeo is now cleaner and greener than ever.

The car is expected to go on sale late next year or early 2014.