The Ford GT Dealership 0

The-Ford-GT-DealershipThe Ford GT is an amazing car which has gained worldwide attention for all the right reasons. It looks amazing and will definitely be able to perform amazingly too. The vehicle has gained so much attention that there was an application list created for potential owners. Even with a huge deposit alongside a $400,000 price tag, money hasn’t deterred 7,000 applicants from attempting to get the vehicles’ keys. Ford is obviously protective over this vehicle, and this can be seen now more than ever as the American company have stated that dealerships will have to pay up to $30,000 to upgrade their service centres, if they want to see the supercar.

Although not all dealerships will be fortunate enough to be able to house Fords new supercar, those that will, will have to cough up a huge sum of money. Having just received documentation about the vehicle, the role of the dealership has now been fully explained. For example, Ford ‘demands’ that the dealerships provide a specially designed truck to transport the vehicle from the dealerships to the owner’s home. There must also be an exclusive Ford GT clean room, only a certified Ford GT master technician and Ford GT sales representative are allowed inside, a special set of dollies must be purchased in order to move the car, these dollies must mount at specific points on the carbon fibre tub to balance the mid-engine car and prevent damage, there must also be a tire mount that can work with the carbon fibre wheels and a specific jack for the transaxle.

This does sound like a lot of extra hassle for the dealerships to go through. It does make sense though as it has certainly added to the hype of one of the most sought after cars in the world right now. Ford has certainly mastered their PR campaign the right way…