The Ford Focus RS Mountune 0

Ford’s new Focus is an amazing little car, there is no doubt that. Not only does it look very stylish, it has impressive technical statistics and ride comfort too. Turning out 345bhp and achieving 0-60mph in 4.7 seconds, how can these statistics improve whilst keeping the car intact?


Well the answer to this question is simple. Give it to the Essex based tuning company Mountune and let them see what they can do to the vehicle. The company have already taken two Ford vehicles and have really improved the technical statistics. These vehicles were the Ford Fiesta and the Ford Focus ST and the company certainly managed to improve upon them too. This time round however, Mountune are going to add more heat to the RS.

This will be done by adding multiple components as part of the tune up. Firstly, Mountune have added a bigger high-low intake pipe intake, new air filters and a Quafic differential. These have been named as the first stage of the whole project. The company have stated that these are the easiest parts of a car to quickly modify in order to increase performance. Then later, phase two will be added as a whole package and the Ford Focus RS Mountune will be completed.

Although there are no technical statistics known about the vehicle, we expect them to be impressive. But, there are multiple concerns which surround this package. Firstly, there is the pricing. Although phase two is not yet ready, it has been rumoured to cost around £4,000. When this is placed upon an already expensive vehicle, many may find that the Mountune upgrade isn’t affordable. As well as that, there may be a shortage of the Focus RS which is needed before the tune-up. Apparently, Ford has already sold 3,500 of the 4,000 vehicles available.

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