The American 2013 Ford Escape 0

Recently there has been plenty of hype surrounding the 2013 Ford Escape, due out in the United States next year.

Why change?

2011 was the vehicles best year ever. It managed to shift more than 250,000 units alone. If the car is seemingly performing so well in the sales charts, why change it? The style and mechanical structure will now be completely changed. There won’t just be hints of upgrades here and there, the car will be fully rejuvenated.

Toned down

Why? It appears that Ford want the car to be success beyond the United States. They want the Ford Escape to be a success worldwide. This time car will not contain as much bulk as the current model. It almost looks as if it has toned down to look more athletic. The car’s weight loss will do wonders for it’s economy and acceleration.

The weight loss has not contributed to a loss of practicality or space within. Long journeys will remain comfortable and pleasurable.

The Ford EcoBoost

The new Ford Escape will contain Ford’s next generation of engines, the highly publicised “EcoBoost” engine. This particular engine is able to produce a great deal of power whilst not using much fuel or pushing out many emissions whilst doing so. In 2011 vehicles equipped with EcoBoost engines sold 127,000 altogether, which is was a great achievement for the company.

As far as the Ford Escape is concerned, there will be two variants of the EcoBoost engine available, a 2.0 litre and a 1.6 litre, both being four cylinder variants. For those who are not interested there will also be a 2.5 litre version available.

First 1.6 EcoBoost in the United States

So far the 1.6 litre EcoBoost engine has only been available in Europe. Ford believes that the United States is now ready for the engine with the Ford Escape being the first to vehicle to contain one. It is expected to be the most popular selection, reaching a maximum of 178 BHP and being the most economical choice. It will contain a six speed automatic gear transmission along with a four wheel drive system.

The 2013 Ford Escape is expected to have Ford’s park assist system too. The system parks the car by itself. This is a neat feature seen on the Ford Focus here in the UK. The Blind Spot system is a wonderful safety feature which produces sound alerts whenever there is potential danger.

Let’s hope that the Ford Escape comes to the United Kingdom.