The amazing technology within the new Ford Focus 0

When most people think of a Ford Focus, they think of a delightful, reliable and safe family car. Sure it’s a wonderfully technical car too but many may not realise the great amount of technology that this specific Ford actually contains.

The most popular family hatchback in the UK will be one of the most efficient vehicles on the market. In order for the car to achieve such low carbon emissions and high fuel efficiency, Ford has implemented world class technology. Their latest version will contain the 1.6 litre Ti-VCT engine. The engine is so intelligent that it is able to maximise power and lower efficiency at the same time.

Gear transmission
Powershift transmission which contains 6 gears will be one of the highlights. This provides that extra power boost giving out a greater performance.

The newly fitted dual clutch transmission is able to reduce petrol consumption of the vehicle and carbon emissions by a great 9 per cent. The gear changes have now made much smoother too, with more speed available to utilise from starting up the engine. Five speed manual transmission is deemed to be more economically friendly and will be offered when the car is released. In essence there is something for all types of drivers in terms of the gear transmissions available. Some motorists prefer the freedom of manual whereas others prefer an automatic transmission.

Torque distribution system
Ford has also added a torque distribution system within their new Focus. This may sound strange to some as it is a piece of technology that is commonly installed within sports cars. This new addition allows the car to take corners at speed. The new Ford Focus will contain a greater amount of agility and stability. Concerns that the car was predominately a family car and not necessarily a vehicle that is fun to drive should be put to bed thanks to this addition. The torque distribution factor also adds more safety on the vehicle. The car’s grip will be much greater improved, especially during awkward weather conditions such as the rain or snow. This is achieved with the torque distributing itself between the front wheels. Who would have thought that Ford would have created technology that allows their family cars to be driven as sports cars?

Talk to your Ford Focus
In car entertainment will also make more a presence this time round. The Chinese version of the Focus will contain a multimedia communication system, capable of entertainment features. Drivers will be able to interact with the system in the same way that users communicate with Siri on the latest iPhone. This will bring about a greater deal of road safety. Text messages will be able to sent whilst the driver is behind the wheel and phone calls can be made. Rather than the driver utilising their entertainment system to find the best song, they can simply command their workstation to play the track of their choice.

It is estimated that the communication centre is programmed to perform 100 commands in the Chinese language. The beauty is that different dialects of the Chinese language can be understood. 19 more foreign languages will also have the capability to be understood from the system.
The Ford Focus now has a Low speed safety system. Again this may sound strange to some as it is typically a feature within luxurious vehicles. This helps to automatically apply the brakes on the vehicle when obstacles are oncoming and the driver proceeds to take no action. Laser technology is used to detect such barriers on the way. Together with the Blind Spot Information system, a great deal of accidents will be prevented.

Sounds like Ford Technology is better than most people may have imagined.