The 2015 Ford Everest released 0

everestThere has been strong speculation that Australia’s car industry will come to a close by 2017. This hasn’t stopped the 2015 Ford Everest from created in Australia.

The car was designed and engineered in Broadmeadows, on the outskirts of Melbourne, but it will be developed in China, being unveiled in Beijing recently.

Car manufacturing may come to end in the country, with cars being designed and engineered only. The vehicle displays how much talent is currently within the Australian automotive industry. Car industries from overseas will certainly use Australia’s resources in that respect.

Everest going on sale in 40 countries

The Everest is set to go on sale in over 40 countries in the Asia-Pacific, India and Africa regions. This will be start of larger projects to come in the future, says Trevor Worthington, vice president, product development, Ford Asia Pacific. He believes that the use of Ford’s Australian resources will help bring major success.

Ford Australia going strong

Within the Ford Australia team, there are currently more designers and engineers than members of management. The statistics are reportedly at 1100 against 850. Toyota and Holden are set to close their factories in 2017. This will leave Ford as the largest employer of car engineers and designers in the country.

Prices in Australia

The Ford Everest will go on sale in the Australia for $45,000 (approximately £25,000). This offers better value for money when compared to the Toyota LandCruiser and the Nissan Patrol, which are priced at $61,884 (approximately £34,000).

Great features

The car offers a lot to families in the way that it has plenty of capability off road. It also has some excellent road safety technology such as radar cruise control, a blind spot warning system along with automatic lane –keeping. Cross traffic alert is a pretty neat feature that is able to warn drivers of when approaching car reverse out of parking spaces, helping drivers to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.