The 2013 Ford Explorer Sport 1

You don’t get higher than the Sport version. The top trim was first unveiled at the New York Auto Show back in March of this year.
Power wise, the super SUV is a beast. The V6 engine churns out 365 BHP. As you can imagine the fuel economy will not be the greatest. It rates at 22 MPG on the motorway and 16 MPG in the city. However those MPG ratings are indeed one of the best within it’s particular class of car.

Terrain Management System settings will come with this particular trim. This is a very useful piece of kit, enabling the driving style of the car to be catered for various conditions and situations. The settings include a snow mode which will greatly assist in helping the vehicle to move along safely. Not only that but the car’s Terrain system has been designed to get the most power out of the vehicle no matter what road surface the car is encountering. A torque sensing four wheel drive system will also be included within the vehicle.
EcoBoost technology is included within the Sport Explorer, a fantastic new edition. The Terrain system can neatly hook up to the technology too and is able to adjust it’s effectiveness.

The vehicle will come in four different splendid colours. These include Ruby red metallic, white platinum metallic, Ingot silver and Tuxedo Black. If that wasn’t enough to set the car apart from other versions of the Ford Explorer, there are special mats with the logo imprinted along with a unique design of stitching to the steering. Ford have stated themselves that the vehicle is sculpted to appear ‘muscular’ and intimidating.
There are superb 20 inch alloy wheels, helping to give the car a more intimidating look. The alloy wheels and tyres are also designed to increase the performance of the vehicle.

As standard there will be a six speed automatic gearbox transmission included. The gearbox was cleverly designed to bring about a balance between efficiency and responsiveness. The SelectShift Automatic transmission has a ratio that is proportioned perfectly.

The brakes have been made larger to contain such a great amount of weight and extra power. On a sport model and on one that does weigh a great deal, strong brakes are a must.
Whilst we would love to see the Ford Explorer Sport released here in the UK, it’s the type of car that wouldn’t suit our roads.