The $1 million Ford Galpin GTR1 0

galpin-ford-gtr1-montereyFord has released a new vehicle in the United States worth $1 million. The Galpin GTR1 was first seen last year, but this year’s version is even better. Powered by an amazing twin turbocharged 5.4 litre V8, developing an almighty 1,058 BHP and 992 pound-feet of torque, the car can well and truly be described as a supercar.

In just 2.9 seconds, the Galpin will reach 0 – 60 seconds. The vehicle’s top speed is 225 miles per hour. The driver seat sync you in with it’s speed, making the driving experience that bit more enjoyable. For all of that speed and power, there isn’t much involved in terms of safety. Brandon Boeckmann of Galpin gave a warning, stating the car has “no stability or traction control”.

The car isn’t the most practical of cars either, as you may expect. Entering the car is a difficult task, just like it is with the Ford GT. The doors open to the roof panels, meaning the doors don’t open that wide.

The engine noise is extremely loud, so loud that they were not allowed to the car at Mazda’s Raceway Laguna Seca, due to the restrictions. Pure driving enthusiasts would love the noise.  The Galpin GTR1 will pull away at low speeds but easily comes to life. The power builds up gradually, with the real power coming from deep revs. Gears shifts are short and swift, much shorter than the standard GT, emphasising the sports car feel.

The ride has been lowered, with 20 inch wheels sitting below. The Pirelli PZero tyres are excellent, gripping the road very well. There is a lack of suspension in the car, making the ride not so smooth; however the car’s overall power and sporty features more than make up for it.

For all of that speed, you surely need a powerful set of brakes. The Ford GTR1 is able to come to a halt even when the car is travelling at an extremely fast pace.

You’ll never reach the car’s full potential on the road. You’ll need to be driving it on the track to truly explore what the Galpin can do. There truly isn’t another car like it.