Music streaming of the highest class with Ford 0

Ford has combined with MOG Sync AppLink to bring about top class music streaming. Ford fans and owners over in the United States will be delighted to hear the news.

Access to over 15 million tracks!
Their new music system will deliver an on-demand music service available to Ford AppLink users. The Ford Sync in car system will be able to access over 15 million tracks from MOG’s interactive service. That means drivers will be able to play tracks through the method of voice control.

Continue from where you left off
If a music track was to be stopped, for example when you have to leave the car, the track will be resumed from the exact point that it originally stopped.

Enhancing safety as well as the fun factor
A voice controlled music system is a much safer method of controlling your entertainment system. This would enable both hands to be kept on the steering wheel and other driving components when needed. They do not need to look at the entertainment system either when driving, ensuring that both eyes are kept on the road only.

iPhone connectivity
It will be quite easy and simple to utilise the system too. All Ford drivers have to do is launch the MOG application through their iPhone. From here users will be instantly able to download various songs through the AppLink interface. Custom radio channels will also be made available to listen too.

A voice controlled system
Using your voice, you will be able sound out commands such as what music track to download, shuffle the playlist, and to select songs from particular artists. Presets and playlists are able to be created with the user simply holding a button down on the Ford Sync system to save whatever song that they are currently listening too.

The MOG app for Ford Sync AppLink is already available on Ford 2012 models such as the Ford Mustang, the Ford Fusion, the Ford Fiesta, the Ford Super Duty, the Ford E-Series, the Ford Expedition, and the Ford F-150 amongst others.
More platforms needed in the future

At the moment the MOG Sync AppLink is currently only available to iOS users. It is planned for the future that the system will be available upon more platforms.