Jeremy Clarkson’s going to love the new Mustang… 0

Ford is so confident that their new Ford Mustang will be well taken too, they have stated even Jermemy Clarkson will love it.

Clarkson, known for fronting the hugely popular BBC 2 car show Top Gear is one of the most respected car critics in the UK. He was recently highly critical of the latest Ford Mustang in an episode of Top Gear. He blasted the decision to switch the engine to a more economical fuel friendly one when they could have had a V8 engine. Although many top sports car companies are making the same type of decision, many fans would have preferred a stronger engine within the Mustang.

It was never idea to make Clarkson unhappy

Ford’s European Marketing Chief Roelant de Waard stated that he never wanted to make Jeremey Clarkson unhappy. He said “I don’t think anyone can pretend they know how to keep Jeremy happy, but I sure hope we do with the new Mustang,”

V8 or no V8?

Does this mean that the new Mustang will come with a V8 engine? Mr de Waard refuses to confirm or deny these rumours.
What has been suggested is that another EcoBoost engine will be fitted but will come with Turbo technology, able to hit a maximum of 300 BHP. The 2.5 liter four cylinder engine will have to be massively improved to impress Mr Clarkson. Many are hoping for a new V8 engine, given that it represents true muscle cars, exactly what the Mustang is supposed to be. Will a new improved EcoBoost really do the trick?

Traditional aspects on the Mustang

De Waard said that certain traditional aspects of the Mustang are able to be changed without compromising the quality of the car. He pointed out that the F150 pick-up switched to an EcoBoost engine managing to become a success. He went on to say that the Mustang will not be aligned to European culture, maintaining that the car will remain a muscle car through and through.
Sources have anticipated that the car will be offered with both V8  and EcoBoost engines. Next year the Mustang turns 50 years old. It surely has to arrive with a bang. Surely something special has to be done for the special edition. What will Ford pull out of the bag this time round?