Is the Ford Mondeo Hybrid worth it? 1

2012_09_Ford-Mondeo-HybridThe Ford Mondeo Hybrid sounds very economical, making it an attractive option as a company car. However, many experts have said that the car should be avoided.

Why? The car may seem economical, but the diesel version of the Mondeo is even more so. The petrol version offers a better drive. What does the hybrid have? It is more expensive than both models.

As a hybrid model, you may expect the car to be a bit quiet. However that is not the case. The car has a fairly noisy powertrain. The ride can’t be that smooth.

One Ford

The hybrid market in America has taken off, with demand being quite high. It is for this reason that Ford decided to make the Mondeo into a petrol-electric car. They have now decided to bring the car to Europe. It comes under the ‘One Ford’ plan. This allows for all car models to be built for all markets, rather than having different models that are catered to certain markets.


According to Ford, the car is able to achieve 67.3 MPG. The size of the fuel tank is only 53 litres, making it a lot smaller than the typical size for other Mondeo’s of 62.5 litres.

Not so practical

This model comes available only as a four door saloon, with only 382 litres of space in the boot. The hatchback model has 550 litres of space. Being a saloon, the rear seats can’t be folded down.

2.0 litre engine

The 2.0 litre petrol engine is combined with an electric motor. When combined together, the car is able to achieve a moderate 186 BHP.

Is the Ford Mondeo hybrid really worth it at £24,995? The top of the range 2.0 TDCi Titanium model seems like a better choice.