How the Ford Focus is now even better 1

Ford-Focus-Nov-2014Ford has made the UK’s number one selling hatchback even better. The Focus now has new hi-tech features helping to enhance the vehicle.

The driving experience of the new Focus will be enhanced. There will be better suspension which brings about a drive that is more comfortable. The steering feedback is also a lot more positive.

Ford Sync

Some of these new features include Ford’s new Sync connectivity system. This brings around voice control by the driver, with the system able to follow a variety of commands. The Sync system is very intelligent in the way it understand commands. It also brings around a safety element, allowing the driver to make phone calls and send text messages whilst keep both hands on the steering wheel.

New engine

That’s not all. The improvements will include a new 1.5 litre engine, variants being a petrol and a diesel. An anti-skid system will also be included, a safety feature which will certainly come in handy for driving in bad conditions.

Ford has claimed that their new engine, which will come with start/stop technology, will be able to achieve 51.4 MPG along with emissions of 127g/km. This particular engine will not be available in the entry level Ford Focus model however.

Better design

The design of the car has been improved too. There will be a newly designed front end, with the bonnet bulging through the middle, creating a sportier look. The front grille will be similar to that of the Ford Fiesta, giving the car a more expensive type of feel. The rear of the car has been changed to match the rest of the design.

Interior improved

The inside of the car has also been modified. The driver controls now have a different layout to bring about a design that’s easier to understand. There is also a large touchscreen in the middle along with extra storage space around the cabin.

Prices of the new model

Prices for the new Ford Focus will start at £13,995, meaning there is no rise or fall from the current price. Most models within the range will cost £17,000. The five door hatch will cost £23,250 with the Focus estate costing £24,610.

The Titanium X and the ST

The Titanium X model will come with a 1.5 litre EcoBoost petrol engine. It will become the second most powerful version in the range once the Ford Focus ST arrives.

The new car will be released in a month. The improvements by Ford will certainly make it a lot more eagerly anticipated by fans.