Ford to Unleash the ST-Line 0

Ford-to-Unleash-the-ST-Line_2Ford is set to release a new upgrade package for both the Fiesta and the Focus. The new package has been placed perfectly for consumers to purchase a sporty vehicle without it being too ‘sporty’. Named the ST-Line, this new package will sit in between the original vehicle and the sportier ST upgrade. So, what will the new upgrade involve exactly?

Well luckily for you, we know that information. The ST-Line will involve an exterior, interior and performance upgrade to set it apart from the original models. The exterior will sport a larger honeycomb style grille, a large rear spoiler, rear diffusers and side skirts as well as 17 inch alloys. The combination of these exterior changes, certainly do make the vehicle look a lot sportier. But as the ST-Line promises, the Fiesta and the Focus do not look too sporty. It may therefore be a perfect option for many drivers.

The performance capabilities are also increased in order for the vehicle to perform in a sportier manner. The engines will therefore receive an upgrade and, for those who want more power, there are multiple powertrains available. The basic engine available for the Fiesta is a 1.0 litre EcoBoost and for the Focus, a 1.5 litre EcoBoost will be offered. But also expect handling, suspension and braking to all be tweaked in order for better performance.

The ST-Line will replace the current Zetec S line and there will be multiple versions of the vehicle available to those who want to purchase. The Fiesta will be available as a 3 or 5 door whilst the Focus as a 5 door or as an estate body. In regards to the pricing, expect to see the Fiesta starting from around £15,645 and the Focus from £20, 595. As previously stated, the ST-Line will sit in between the original vehicles and the ST and will therefore be perfect for those who want a sporty vehicle but don’t want it to be too sporty.