Ford to debut Ka+ later this year 0

Ford referred to their vehicle as “emotional” so we assume it comes preloaded with an Adele album?

Sensing an emerging market in the growing ‘supermini’ sector, Ford have announced their new small car, the Ka+, will arrive later on this year, and the car will offer low running costs with the true DNA of a Ford.


The Ka+ was first revealed as a concept way back in 2013, but Ford engineers have altered the styling and interior to give the car a more ‘European’ flavour ahead of its official unveiling. Under the skin the new model -which will only be available as a five door – shares the current Ford Fiesta platform. The Ka+ will be also be available with luxury additions including a 4.2 inch infotainment system in the centre of the car and a 2.3 inch display between the main instruments. It will also get climate control and a stylish leather steering wheel.

With prices expected to start at around £8,000 and top-spec Ka+ models unlikely to cost more than £10,000, Ford are hoping to overtake the likes of Vauxhall’s Viva and the Hyundai i10 in the ‘supermini’ sector. The comparatively low cost of the car would also mean an expected low development cost, so it is predicted that the car will be produced in developing areas like Ford’s plant in India.

Speaking about the model, Ford of Europe boss Jim Farley is quoted as saying: “The B-car value segment is exploding. Sales have doubled in the past few years. So we’re replacing Ka with Ka+ to compete in that segment.” He also elaborated about the car’s “emotional” label: “We want to give the mainstream customer the feeling of a speciality car, like the Ford Mustang, because it will have a strong personality.” Although the Ka+ is, for the time being, being pedalled as a one-off model with no immediate plans for anything other than the five-door version, Farley responded to questions about the potential of other budget Ka models by saying, “We’d never say never. It’s a huge market with lots of customers out there.”