Ford to concentrate on SUVs in China 0

Ford is implementing a clever strategy throughout the Chinese automotive market. They understand that the current trend and best sellers are sports utility vehicles.

Building SUV’s in China

Ford wants to heavily concentrate on SUV’s for the world’s largest car market. Ford want to go as far building two of them in China according to reports. We already know of one currently being built in the country. The Ford EcoSport is destined to be built in the South West of China where total investment has reached $4.9 billion from Ford. The EcoSport contains a one litre engine and is the smallest of the EcoBoost range. It does have a very respectable amount of power within and is also able to give back an outstanding amount of economy.

The other vehicle to be built in China is expected to be the Ford Kuga, which will be developed at the Chongqing factory.

Ford aiming for the middle class market

Ford aim to target the middle class market, fending off competition from the likes of Audi and BMW.

15 new cars released in China

Ford hope to release 15 brand new vehicles to China by 2015. The majority of these vehicles will be utility vehicles. This will enable Ford to gain higher profits and catch up with rivals in a car market that is extremely competitive amongst foreign automakers.

The Ford ST

Ford was dominant at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show as expected, showing off the Ford Explorer, the Ford Kuga and the Ford Focus ST. The Ford Focus ST has not yet been introduced to China. The standard Ford Focus currently being sold in the country is expected to be labelled as the “Classic Focus”.

Why can’t Ford just release their current sports utility vehicle into the country? It is not as simple as that unfortunately. China’s road infrastructure is not as sturdy as that of American roads. Chinese vehicles need to appear to be more rugged and able to cope with pressure.

One Ford model that is exported to China currently is the Ford Edge. This model is imported from Oakville, Ontario.

Every new Ford model released within China will contain Ford’s Sync connectivity system. This is a voice recognition system, helping to bring about safer driving, allowing drivers to avoid activities such as using their phone whilst on the road.