Ford Streetka Servicing 0

The StreetKa is simply a supermini roadster version of the Ford Ka. It offered drivers who wanted a fun to car to drive at an affordable price. When introduced it was a great success. The car was particularly popular with females.

A stylish convertible which offered a 1.6 engine that produces 94 BHP. Two airbags at the front made the car quite safe.

What the car lacks in performance it makes up for in its looks and how fun the car is to drive. Many owners will not have to visit the petrol pumps as often as rivals car may do. Drivers get excellent visibility when driving too.

Servicing your StreetKa

Servicing your vehicle is easy with Servicing Stop. With every service we can offer cheaper prices compared to main dealer and collect and deliver your car for free. Don’t worry about your warranty as this is not at all affected and you will get 1 year guarantee on parts and labour.