Ford recall 10,000 Escape SUV’s 0

Ford has announced that they are to recall more than 10,000 Escape SUV’s following safety fears. The problem stems from the carpet on the driver’s side.

All recalls of vehicles began on July the 23rd.  Ford reported that there have been no incidents or accidents stemming from the carpet problem.

The main issue is that the carpet interferes with the driver’s brake pedal, creating a potentially huge safety problem.  When the driver accelerates they may utilise the brake at the same time thanks to the padding problem. Braking distance may be compromised thanks to the error. The risk of a crash is a lot higher.

8,266 of those vehicles were developed in the United States between the time period of March 8th and June 7th, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Ford have already co-operated with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration saying that their main dealers will fix the error. The carpet will be removed with a brand new console trim panel in it’s place.

2,000 of the Ford vehicles will come from the Canadian car market with the rest coming from Mexico. All vehicles in question were built at one of Ford’s main plants in Kentucky.

The Ford Escape has been Ford’s second bestselling vehicle. After so much hype surrounding it’s launch, reviews claimed that the car had hit expectations. However today’s news comes as a blow following such promise.

One Ford Escape owner have let their frustrations be known through their blog claiming that when they wear large shoes they cover both the brake and acceleration pedal.

In June, the Ford Escape sold a total of 28,500 meaning it was America’s sixth bestselling vehicle in June alone. Compared to the previous June in 2011, that represents an increase of 28 per cent.  Ford’s best seller was the F-Series once again.

The Ford Escape rivals include the Toyota RAV-4, the Honda CR-V, the Mazda CX-5 and the Hyundai Santa Fe. Ford seem to be coping very well with the pressure at the moment with the Ford Escape going through one of it’s best periods since it was introduced into the American car market.

Owners of the latest Ford Escape have been urged to get in touch with Ford as soon as possible to arrange an appointment in order to fix the problem.