Ford planning to extend their green range 0

ford-electric-carFord is planning to release a range of bespoke green vehicles. The next generation of vehicles will represent Ford’s rival to car’s such as the BMW i3 and the Nissan Leaf.

Currently the Focus hatchback electric is on sale for £28,500 with a £5,000 Government grant. It has an impressive 110 mile range.  The company no longer want to release current models and fit them with electric batteries and motors. They want to release vehicle’s that are seen as having the ‘latest technology’, therefore giving justification to new bespoke vehicle.

This will represent a complete new avenue for Ford, wholly inspired by current bespoke electric vehicles currently on the market.

Pricing all important

Ford must get their pricing right with their bespoke electric model if it is to succeed. The problem with current electric cars is the pricing. They haven’t taken off as expected because the cost of research and development has been passed down to the price tag of the car. The Government grant scheme helps but even then they are still very expensive to purchase.

That Government fund for electric cars is said to be down to its last £250,000. However this has been rejected by the Government, saying “The grants will continue at their current level until 2017 or until we have received 50,000 claims (the number currently stands at just over 14,000). Arrangements beyond that have not yet been set as they will need to reflect market conditions at the time, but we will ensure that we have the right support in place to continue growing this important sector.”

Hybrid’s to be based on current models

Hybrid version of the company’s vehicles will be offered however. Any type of electric cars with an on board generator such as the Vauxhall Ampera has been ruled out. Plug-in hybrids are the way forward for the company.