Ford number one in Canada for August 0

Ford has remained the number one car maker in Canada. Overall the Canadian car market grew by 6.4 per cent.
Brands such as Toyota, General Motors and Chrysler have played their part. Although Ford’s passenger vehicles saw a slight dip in sales, they still managed to finish on top of the sales charts. Truck sales rose by 8.1 per cent. Car sales fell by 1.8 per cent.
Ford is managing to take advantage of Canada’s car market growth. Dianne Craig, the Chief Executive of Ford Canada said that more and more customers are visiting showrooms.

General Motors Canada was just behind Ford, selling 21,070 cars in August. This again represents a fall in performance. Sales fell by 15.9 per cent.

Chrysler Canada saw sales increase by 9 per cent to 20,569. Strong performance across the Chrysler Group from Dodge, Jeep and Ram helped the company finish in third place. Fuel efficiency technology helped attract more customers to showrooms.

It is estimated that Ford, General Motors and Chrysler now have just 45 per cent of the market share on the Canadian car market. In 2011 the big Detroit three managed to secure 50 per cent of the Canadian car market. This may prove pivotal for Canadian auto workers when attempting to secure a new contract next year. Canadian labour costs are said to be paid at the highest rate anywhere in the world. This fact will also prove quite costly. Contract talks with them set to expire in the very near future.
Honda Canada was extremely pleased with their performance last month. They saw sales increase to 12,081 in August. That represents a tremendous 50 per cent rise compared to August last year.

Nissan Canada performed in the complete opposite manner and saw sales dip in August. This was mainly thanks to a fall in trucks. Sales were so bad in this segment that they fell a great 44 per cent compared to 12 months ago. Car sales hit 6,329 for the Nissan and Infiniti brand last month.

Volkswagen is performing quite well in Canada, selling 5,782 in August alone. August 2011 saw Europe’s largest car maker sell 4,302 last year, representing a 34 per cent increase. Kia have been performing well too, selling 7,682 which represents a 32 per cent increase when compared to August 2011.

Ford Canada will hope that they are able to maintain their number one position without another slump in sales.