Ford Kuga Review 0

The uniquely named Ford Kuga is one the best SUV’s available on the market. It’s a special type of vehicle, which offers many great features. In this article we take a look at some the reasons as to why it has been successful.


One great feature about the car is the excellent practicality that is offered. The sheer size gives it away, as there is plenty of space for items to be stored. It is made to be an effective modern day family car.

Handling and performance

The more popular diesel engine version is more popular, with better economy. It also offers excellent off-road capabilities making it perfect for various family trips. The car offers flexibility as it handles very well on the road too. The steering is electro-hydraulic, making it quite responsive. There three different modes to choose from, with standard, comfort and sport being available for the driver to choose from. The suspension is based on the Focus, but offers fantastic ride.

Owning the car

The Ford Kuga is comprised with quality throughout. From the engineering to the interior, everything is made with great attention to detail. In-fact it has been mentioned in other sources from experts that the Kuga is the best performing Ford. The interior is very similar to that of a C-Max. Nevertheless it feels like comfortable and stylish when inside.  The diesel engine is very quiet so you won’t have to listen to annoying engine rumbling when cruising.


It is a family car, so the issue of safety is very important. All models have 6 airbags with an advanced alarm system as standard. An inbuilt immobiliser will help keep the car safe too. The stability control helps balance the car when driving on awkward roads. If a major high speed crash was to occur, the steering wheel will smartly move away from the driver to avoid further damage.


The car will do most things that you expect a high quality SUV to do. What was written above is just a snippet of the car’s potential and benefits. We recommend the Ford Kuga for the families or people who enjoy travelling and outdoor trips with their friends. It’s certainly one of the best SUV’s on the market in the UK.

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