Ford Kuga increases production 0

ford kuga

The Ford Kuga’s production is set to increase. Following it’s great success last year and with increasing demand, it is now necessary that production is increased.

For the first time ever production of the Kuga will reach 100,000 for a year. Family’s are now tending to switch over from saloon cars to SUV’s. In a lot of cases they offer more style and more practicality.


More to come after the Kuga

8,000 of the new model have been ordered since it was released in late 2012.  The vice president of Ford Europe’s Marketing, sales and service department was on hand to discuss the Kuga’s recent success. He said  “The new Kuga is a smarter SUV that offers a comprehensive array of technologies including the segment-first hands-free tailgate, and debuts Ford’s global intelligent all-wheel-drive system. This significant production increase is a very promising start to an SUV rollout that is spearheaded by the new Kuga and leverages Ford’s historic leadership in SUVs in North America and other regions to bring to Europe the all-new EcoSport, and later the Ford Edge.”

Ford have set a huge target of attempting to sell over one million SUV’s across Europe over the next six years. That would mean SUV’s would account for 10 per cent of the company’s overall across the region.

The Ford Kuga is one bit of positive news for the companies European operations. They are suffering at the moment along with plenty of other mass manufacturers. They are set to lose out on a great deal of money this year with Ford falling into the Euro Zone crisis.

The Kuga has seen it’s sales increase year on year compared from March last year. The brand new EcoSport is set to launch at the end of the year. The Ford Edge will follow up at the end of year in the United States. This is a larger vehicle which contains more features compared to the Kuga.

Safety is a vital attribute to families who intend on purchasing a car. Ford has always been praised when it comes to car safety and the Kuga is no different. They got a Euro NCAP score of 88 per cent. This represents the highest score in history for a mid-sized SUV. One of the best bits about the safety system is the Emergency Assistance system. This calls the emergency services after an accident in the appropriate language according to the region.