Ford India steadily getting better and better 0

Official statistics read out that Ford’s performance is on the up in India.  Sales in India during August increased by 16 per cent when compared August in 2011. Both wholesales and exports were taken into account. In total 10,352 Ford vehicles were sold last month.

August saw Ford export 2,512 cars. As far as exports are concerned, Ford’s have increased by 18 per cent for the first eight months of 2012 when comparing the same time period in 2011. The holiday period is where the car market really begins to pick up, with many purchasing them as gifts for themselves or for others. Ford believes sales will increase further during the festive season.

The 200,000 Ford Figo was finally sold, a landmark that was taken into account within the 10,325 figure. Of that figure 7,840 represented wholesale figures, representing an increase of 6 per cent when taking last year into account. The Ford Figo is not only successful in India but around the world, being exported to a total of 35 car markets.

In terms of exports, 16,847 have been shipped out of India so far this year. That represents an increase of 18 per cent. Michael Boneham, the Managing Director of Ford India has said how great the company are doing in the build up to the festive season. He said “It’s wonderful to see consumer sentiment improving as we approach the festive season, and we are confident we are ready to meet the growing demand for cars during this period. While market conditions have been challenging in recent months because of rising petrol prices, high inflation and rising interest rates, Ford remains focused on delivering its One Ford plan to produce fuel-efficient, safe, and fun to drive vehicles which customers want and need,”

India are one of the most competitive and most profitable emerging car markets in the world. Many foreign car makers are trying to take advantage of what the Indian car market really has to offer. One of the major stumbling blocks within the country is the increase in petrol prices and the fact that cars have to be extremely competitively priced to be a success.

It appears that the Ford One strategy is working. Ford One is a directive which attempts to develop cars that are catered for all car markets rather than tweaked individually tweaked to suit a particular car market.
Ford India should break all their personal records this year if they can build on this momentum