Ford increases production at their Chennai plant 0

Ford has expanded their plant in Chennai, India to up the engine production figures to 340,000. That represents an increase of 36 per cent with 80,000 extra engines able to be developed. A total of $72 million was invested in the expansion.
The facility has been revamped into a major engine production factory. In just 14 months the expansion was complete which a record time for such a task to be completed.

Diesel engines are being demanded more and more from the Indian market as well as surrounding countries. Petrol prices are reaching all time highs. Eco friendly alternatives are heavily being sorted after, with diesel a more affordable and feasible choice at this moment in time.

Ford has confirmed that more employment opportunities will be created. Michael Boneham, the President and Managing Director for Ford India said that “We are delighted to see this new addition to our capacity in the engine plant as we gear up to move to the next stage of growth in India and the region. We are at an interesting phase of growth with the markets demanding swift responses from manufacturers, and with this plant’s flexible production lines of both petrol and diesel engines, we’re well-poised to move quickly,”

Sensationally, the Ford’s Chennai plant is the company’s first in the world to have both petrol and diesel engine manufacturing within the same facility. The Chennai plant is also Ford’s first ever to produce crank shaft. Both petrol and diesel engines will go through a cold test, hot test and dyno test, again for the first time ever within a Ford plant.
Ford will not be stopping there however. Ford is planning on developing 7 brand new plants throughout the Asia Pacific and Africa. These developing areas are expected to see their car market mature a great deal.
The Chennai plant is fundamental to all of this. The Asian car market and surrounding areas will have plenty of exports from Ford’s Chennai plant. Development here is not costly and is of great quality. Exports are made easy too with few restrictions. Ford’s focus on the Indian market is a testament to just how well the company are currently doing in the area and how well the Indian car market is performing currently.