Ford Galaxy Servicing 0

The Galaxy is one of Britain’s best known space cruisers. Since its arrival it has continued to be a success with 3 generations being released since 1995.
New innovative features with every new model have made it very popular. Newer models will have PowerShift transmission which makes the car easier to drive and delivers better fuel efficiency.

The car offers great versatility and practicality. Plenty of space can be made within. All rear seats are able to be folded down giving plenty of space.
Later Ford Galaxy’s are also very safe with 7 airbags. It also delivers quite good performance and handles quite well for a larger car.

Servicing your Ford Galaxy

Servicing Stop can offer a car service that is comprehensively cheaper than then the main dealer and more convenient. We pick up and deliver your car on the day of the service and don’t affect your warranty. Our friendly and helpful staffs are always on hand to assist you with anything you may need.