Age means nothing as grandparents drift a hot hatch 0


In the States, it’s National Grandparents Day – a day of celebration we don’t do over here in the UK for one reason or another. In honour of the country’s grandparents, Ford decided to prove that when it comes to driving, age is merely a number.

A selection of Ford engineers were given the opportunity – along with their grandparents – to try out a 350-hp Ford Focus RS. This wasn’t a sedate spin around the testing track however; the engineers helped their elders push the Focus to the max, some putting in performances Ken Block himself would’ve been proud of.

Driving a car, notable for its drift mode feature obviously helps when clocking a fast lap time. The Focus can send 70% of its power to the rear wheels to make sliding the tail easier. But as the video below shows, the seniors took to extreme high speeds like ducks to water.

So, next time someone accuses you of driving like your grandparents, you might want to take it as a compliment. As the video shows, there are some pretty nifty grandparents out there…

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