Ford Focus Servicing 0

The Ford Focus is arguably the most popular car in the UK. It’s reliable, engineered very well and is very beneficial for the modern day family.

It is excellent value for money with the car being priced very well for all the benefits that it comes with. Running costs very reasonable indeed, you won’t need to visit the petrol pumps compared to its rivals.

Plenty of space within makes the car very practical. Passengers receive plenty of room as does the driver. The boot is very spacious giving plenty of room for shopping and children’s accessories.

The newer models have innovative technology that really benefits the driver. These implementations include traffic sign recognition and active park assist, which automatically parks the car for you.

The handling of the car is also considered superior to its rivals. The drive of the vehicle offers comfort and the Focus is also known for being very safe.

Servicing Stop Ford Focus

Our prices are typically cheaper than the main dealer for car servicing. All parts and labour are guaranteed for one year and we even collect and deliver your car, for free.