Ford Focus Coupe Cabriolet Review 0

Did anyone realise that there was a Focus Coupe Cabriolet on the market? As strange as it may sound, a convertible coupe Focus is available to buy.

Although it can be said that the car has its critics, we believe it is actually quite a decent car. We look over some our favourite attributes of the vehicle.


Considering that the Focus was one of the best cars in its class in terms of handling, you would expect the Focus Coupe Cabriolet to be even better. It doesn’t let you down in that respect. Driving the car feels sharp and responsive, with or without the rood. One thing is for sure, you get quite a thrilling ride when testing the car to its limit.


It’s a Ford Focus at the end of the day, so expect the safety features to be top class. There are anti-lock brakes as standard. Thieves will find t quite a difficult car to break into, as it has a reputation for being quite secure.


You can’t mention a Focus without its practicality. Within the particular class and category of the car, it is one of the best. There is plenty of room within, enough for adults to sit in comfort over long journeys. Generous amounts of head and leg room are usually unheard of within these types of cars, which gives the car an added bonus.


You’ll get air conditioning, electric door mirrors along with heated and electric windows throughout. Further up the range you’ll get neat extras such as a heated windscreen, leather seats, automatic headlights and wipers plus more.


Many experts have praised the driving position of the Focus Coupe Cabriolet. It is not too high as the normal Ford Focus, adapting the position in a sportier direction. Inside you get the feeling that the car is made with great quality. The design is very attractive along with the seats being quite comfortable.


From certain angles the car pushes away from the Focus’ family car image and looks like quite an attractive model. When the roof is down, the character of the car represents complete sportiness. Some may be surprised at the low cost of the car after looking at it. Many may feel that the car looks more expensive than it actually is.


The car does have its good points as we have just mentioned. Is’s a great drive that offers safety, great looks and a very stylish interior. Why not give the Ford Focus Coupe Cabriolet a try.