Ford Fiesta ST in America 1

Ford-Fiesta-ST-5-DoorThe Ford Fiesta has slowly been introduced into the U.S market offering a stark contrast when compared to other vehicles Ford have to offer.

The American auto giant has not officially released figures of how much they intend to sell over the next year. The small car segment is not one that is highly regarded as much as others within the American market but is steadily catching on.
The Fiesta ST is a first in the United States. Their One Ford strategy has almost forced the move as the company intends to spread their products globally. That’s exactly how the car was made. The engine arrives from here in the UK with the vehicle being assembled in Mexico then eventually shipped out across the border to the States.


The price for the vehicle will be $22,195 which converts to £14,650, not a bad price for a quality vehicle. The official price in the UK for the vehicle however is £16,995. Over here in the UK of course the Fiesta is more often than not the number one seller year upon year. Across the Atlantic the car will come as a 5 door model only. Here in the UK we will get to see only a 3 door ST hatchback. At the moment a three door Fiesta is not being offered in the U.S at all. This perhaps makes a lot of sense as motorists will find it difficult to take to such a small car in that particular car market.


The 1.6 four cylinder turbo charged engine offers good performance and economy. It’s the same engine as what is offered in the Ford Fusion, which shows that a large engine is being offered in a small car, meaning extra power. It offers maximum power of 197 BHP at 6,000 RPM. The car can reach 0 – 60 MPH in just 6.9 seconds, quite a decent amount of power.


Here in the UK the Renault Clio 200 and the Peugeot 208 GTI will offer some stiff competition for the Ford Fiesta ST this side of the border. The 208 GTI will cost just £18,895 with the Clio 200 costing £100 more. How well will the Ford Fiesta ST fare over in the States and the European car market?