Ford unveil powerful new ST200 ahead of Geneva Motor Show 0

Ford must have been listening to Snap! lately because they’ve got the power.

Ford have revealed their new Ford Fiesta ST200, which will see a boost of power up to 197 bhp, ahead of its official Geneva Motor Show debut.

Ford unveil powerful new ST200 ahead of Geneva Motor Show

The model is being pedalled as a powerful version of the hot ‘supermini,’ and the power boost will see its 1.6 litre engine capable of achieving 197 bhp. The standard Ford Fiesta ST, of which the new model is the successor to, has 180 bhp, nearly ten percent less power than the ST200 version. The ST200 is the most powerful production Fiesta ever and Ford has altered the gear ratios to further improve in-gear performance by working with the car’s overboost system to add extra power and torque for up to 15 seconds. The ST200 also makes a powerful impact looks-wise. It comes in an exclusive storm grey exterior finish, with black seventeen inch alloy wheels, red brake callipers and additional trim for the interior. The interior will also see part leather Recaro front seats with silver stitching and a new seatbelt design.

Ford will begin building the ST200 in June this year, with deliveries expected later in the summer. There are no details on price yet, but it is predicted to cost around £1,000 more than the equivalent Fiesta ST, which would bring the cost to just over £20,000. Further details about the car’s specifics can be expected after its official launch at the Geneva Motor Show in March.