Ford Driving App 0

Ford-Driving-AppThe automotive worlds move towards mobility has been utterly incredible in just the last year. We have seen the rise of car hailing and sharing companies and car manufactures investing in them, alongside apps which promote convenience.  The mobility world seems to have no boundaries at this moment, as each company attempts to figure out how they will enter and dominate in this particularly young but fierce market.

Well Ford’s new idea which has just recently been tested, is an app which promotes safer driving. Named the Driver Behaviour Project, Ford hope that the use of personal scores dependant on driving skill alongside rewards, will increase good driving behaviours.

This app will measure acceleration, braking, steering, place and time, weather and multiple other car functions in order to give the driver a score at the end of the journey. This data will be collected over time and if the results are good, then Ford will ensure that car hailing and sharing, as well as car insurance will be cheaper as a reward for consistently driving safely. But in the short term however, the app will recommend ways for the driver to improve driving habbits; this will be based upon the most recently completed journey.

In London recently, 40 Ford Fiestas were tested consistently by multiple drivers over a span of 4 months. The Ford vehicles as a result, managed to clock up 160,000km and 4,000 hours on different roads and in different conditions. Jonathan Scott, as the head of the project said, ‘from the vehicle data and research gathered, we were able to test an internally developed, highly advanced driving score algorithm. The score could be used to develop a mobility profile, enabling drivers to save money on services tailored to their needs.’

We really do hope that this kind of app will start to make a difference…