Ford Australia In Court 0

Ford-Australia-In-CourtFord Australia is in a very confusing court case at this moment in time. There seems to be an overwhelming amount of class action law suits occurring right now. Everyone knows about the US and Volkswagen case as it has been in the news nonstop. More recently there has been a call for Ford to attend a large court case regarding their sudden exit in Indonesia.  Now however, there is a fresh class action suit against the American automotive company in regards to a non-existent recall.

There are apparently 70,000 vehicles spanning 22 models of the Ford Focus, Fiesta and EcoSport’s built between 2011 and 2016 with faulty Getrag PowerShift dual-clutch transmissions. Customers have complained about this to Ford for some time, but the company have stated that there doesn’t seem to be a problem.  Instead, the company have stated that the problem is down to poor driving. This has therefore led to a sexism and trade-up law suit being filed.

Ford will not be commenting on the problem but it has been widely stated that those involved in the case have had to sign a confidentiality agreement before being able to trade in or resell their car. This agreement states that the customer may not be able make any bad comments against Ford, or be able to sue them in the future.

Furthermore, it has been stated that there has not been a recall for the faulty products and instead, the vehicles are just being resold on the forecourts again. This is extremely dangerous as there have been reports of violent jerking actions, sudden deceleration and the unexpected turning off of the transmission system.

This is extremely worrying for those who have the car or are looking to purchase one in the future. Let’s just hope that this has been a massive understanding and the case will sort it all out sooner rather than later…