Fiesta at 40 – Ten facts you probably didn’t know about the Ford Fiesta 0

Fiesta-at-40Ten-facts-you-probably-didnt-know-about-the-Ford-FiestaDoesn’t time fly? It seems like only yesterday that the first Fiestas were rolling off the production line and yet Ford’s iconic small car turns 40 this year. The Fiesta has long established its status as Britain’s bestselling car of all time and 2017 will see the launch of the Fiesta’s seventh generation. To celebrate, here’s ten facts about you probably didn’t know about the UK’s most popular vehicle.

  1. 4,339,149 models of the Fiesta have been sold in Britain since its debut in 1976.
  2. The Fiesta has been the best-selling car every month for the past seven years.
  3. The name ‘Fiesta’ was chosen personally by Henry Ford. The choice was partly due to the nice sounding alliteration with the company name, and also due to Ford’s new relationship with Spain.
  4. In the last 40 years, one in every 20 cars sold in the UK has been a Fiesta. That means 5% of ALL cars sold in Britain for the last four decades have been Fiestas.
  5. The XR2 was the first Fiesta capable of 100mph.
  6. A driver’s airbag was first introduced to the Fiesta in 1993.
  7. In 2005, the most powerful Fiesta, the 2.0-litre 148bhp Fiesta ST, was released.
  8. Bluetooth and voice activation were added to the Fiesta in 2006.
  9. 1987 was the best year for the Fiesta. 153,000 were sold that year.
  10. European sales of the Fiesta exceed 18 million.

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