Ford Fiesta Servicing 1

The Ford Fiesta is an iconic car which has been very successful throughout all of its generations. The car is placed in the “supermini” class that offers a great driving experience.

The car has got slightly larger as it has evolved since it’s introduction in the 1970’s. This also means an increase of power. However many first time drivers purchase the car for its size and how easy the car is to drive and run. Insurance and tax are very cheap with petrol consumption of the car not resulting in high expenditure either. Some diesels models can cover up to 60 MPG.

Owners rarely make complaints as the car is quite reliable. Despite its size, the car is very practical with plenty of room inside.

The interior styling has received praise from many car experts. Its safety features make it perfect for a small family. The car well equipped and represents good value for money.

Overall the Ford Fiesta is very well manufactured and generally doesn’t disappoint.

Ford Fiesta Servicing

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