Ford Fiesta ECOnetic 0

The new Ford ECOnetic 1.0 litre will cost between £8,350 and £13,590. We take a look at the car today and reveal if it is worth the price tag or not.

Excellent economical values

The car is all about its outstanding economy. It is able to achieve a staggering 85.6 MPG and hit emissions of 87g/km of C02 emissions. That’s an outstanding improvement from the last Ford ECOnetic which hit 95g/km of C02 emissions and 78.5 MPG, which many though were good enough!

Testing in real life conditions

Tests have shown that a driving on a mixture of A-roads, motorways and cities return approximately 60 MPG.

The Hyundai i20 still better

However these figures still do not beat those of the Hyundai i20 Blue which achieves 84g/km of C02 emissions.

Newly implemented features

The improvements came about thanks to Ford introducing a stop start system in the car. This was surprisingly left out of the previous ECOnetic Fiesta. Ford’s ECOnetic gear ratios are now much longer. Various components have also been altered in order to bring about a performance that is a lot more economical.

Even the 1.6 TDCi is not the fastest

Needless to say, the car is not the fastest you will ever drive. From 0 – 62 MPH the car will reach a time of 12.9 seconds. The 1.6 TDCi diesel engine is suitable for all conventional driving situations.

Wonderful driving experience

The driving experience will not let you down. The handling is spot on and very sharp with accurate and well weighted steering. The low resistance tyres were developed for a more economical drive but they also give off the feeling of increased agility.

Inside the cabin

The interior comes with a great amount of quality within. All materials used are solid and will last. Zetec models come with electric windows along with a Quickclear windscreen air conditioning feature. Upgrading to the titanium version gives you a DAB Radio, automatic air conditioning and tinted glass.  Going for all the optional extras will give you a bill of £18,000 plus. Is it really worth that much? Wouldn’t most customers go for the Hyundai i20 at £11,975?

There is no road tax to pay and the Ford Fiesta Econetic comes cheaper than the Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion. The Fiesta would be the better option in our opinion as it offers a better all round driving experience.