Ford Fiesta achieves 108.78 MPG 0

The Ford Fiesta has managed to achieve an outstanding 108.78 MPG in a recent “real world challenge”.

The car took part in the SLD Automotive/Shell FuelSave MPG marathon where it managed to record the tremendous score. Its Econetic 1.6 TDCi allowed the Fiesta to come first in the event, winning by six MPG. Andrew Marriot and Andy Dawson, two former rally drivers were the two drivers behind the wheel.

The MPG Marathon test fuel consumption of brand new vehicles. At the same type, more economical driving techniques are shown off. Motorists will be inspired by the financial benefits of safer and smarter driving.  Braking and accelerating at the right times will help significantly increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

The marathon itself was a 370 mile route in South Wales and the Costwolds. The weather conditions were not all perfect, making it more difficult to drive as economically as possible.

There were not all positive results from the event however. Some complained that many vehicles did not match up official fuel consumption figures stated by the car brands. The Ford Fiesta’s MPG managed to improve on its original EU Combined economy rating to 85.6 MPG. Overall the car managed to increase that figure by 27 per cent. Other cars beat their own original stated statists too in the race.

Ross Durkin, the organiser of the event said that the marathon was a success. He claimed that fuel consumption figures stated by car brands are not necessarily their limit.  “The average improvement over combined cycle figures achieved by the 27 vehicles in this year’s event was a whisker under 16 per cent impressive by anyone’s standards. Manufacturers have done a tremendous job in improving the fuel efficiency of all new cars and vans, but motorists should see their published fuel consumption figures as a target to beat, not the maximum achievable.”

The SLD Automotive/Shell FuelSave MPG marathon is a fantastic way of letting people know that they can break official figures given to them by car brands. Promoting better driving techniques not only helps drivers save of fuel costs, but also helps to save the environment.
The 108.78 MPG figure stated will do no harm for the Ford Fiesta in terms of sales. The marathon would have certainly done a lot to raise the company’s profile.