Ford Ecosport 1.0 Ecoboost Titanium Review 0

ecosportThis particular Ford model is the alternative to the 1.5 Ecosport 1.5 litre diesel.

Some experts were not particularly fond of the diesel version, so is the petrol version any better?

The car was inspired by the idea of the ‘Ford One’, a strategy to make all models adaptable for all worldwide car markets. Initially, the car was sold in Brazil, starting from 2003. It was very suited to the country, given the conditions of roads. The added height to the ride made driving in the country a lot easier.

Ever since then, the B-segment crossover market has recently taken off throughout the world. The Nissan Juke is a great example of how many some have taken advantage. It seems as if Ford has decided to do the same thing with the Ecosport, by bringing it to Europe. However, was it the right decision to make? Does this type of car suit the European market?

Some experts seem to think not. The vehicle hasn’t lived up to expectations according to many. That comes despite the vehicle being based on the Ford Fiesta, the best-selling car in the UK for many years. The Ecosport almost feels like second best.

Some negatives

Some reviews from respected automotive websites have not given the interior the thumbs up. Even with the Titanium specification, it will still let you down. The plastic material used on the dashboard gives the car a ‘cheap’ feeling. At the front, the driver seat and the passenger seat are both very narrow.

On the motorway, the car feels slightly unstable. Other models within the same category seem to be a lot more reassured on the road.

On the plus side..

The Ecoboost brand is all about the engine. It is, as the name would suggest, very economical. It doesn’t deliver a great deal of power, as you may have expected. The engine refinement is one of the biggest plus points about the car.

Is it worth it?

The £16,000 price tag comes without desirable technology such as Ford Sync and rear parking sensors. Ford can do much better, especially considering the overall quality of the Ford range.