Ford’s Dagenham plant 1

Ford’s Dagenham plant is perhaps its most famous site across the UK as well as Europe. During the factories heyday there were a total of 34,000 employees, back in 1960. A total of 340,000 cars per year were produced. In 1996 the 10 millionth Ford was built. No one would have expected what was to come four years later when the company announced that they would stop car production at the plant.

Things have certainly changed since then. Ford’s Dagenham plant is one of the most productive car factories in the world. It plays a vital part within Ford’s global operations and is a major reason as to why the company is so successful.

£800 million spent on making the facility greener

Now Ford are taking it a step further. We have heard of how Ford’s new technology is helping making their vehicles as economical as possible, but now they are ensuring that their famous Dagenham plant has a new eco-friendly reputation. In total Ford have spend almost £1 billion in rejuvenations, including three huge wind turbines.

4,500 employees, 2,100 engines created a day

The previous figure of 34,000 employees mentioned has now dipped to just 4,500. Despite that there is certainly a bright future for the facility. Modern factory equipment is now in place with fresher buildings. The previous gloomy look is now a thing of the past. Daily those 4,500 employees produce 2,100 engines, an outstanding achievement. Over the year that adds up to 1 million plus engines created.

Excellent eco values

The Ford Focus Ecoboost will be produced at the Dagenham factory. The car will come with the highly discussed 1 litre EcoBoost engine. This weighs only 97kg. The superb engine allows the car to hit a brilliant 58 MPG, a great reading by anyone’s standards. Carbon emissions are said to be as good as 109g/km. The car also drives wonderfully, making it one of the best choices in terms of economically friendly cars.

Powerful too

The car will be able to produce a great deal of power whilst being economical at the same time, something you don’t usually hear of within a 1 litre engine. The car’s top speed will be 120 MPH, hitting 0 – 62 MPH in just 11.3 seconds.

Same looks

There are no differences in terms of the exterior looks when comparing a standard Ford Focus.