Can the new Falcon save Ford? 0

The new generation of the Ford Falcon needs to be introduced as soon as possible into the Australian market, according to reports.

Poor sales

At present, the six cylinder Falcon is not performing well in terms of sales and sold disastrously last month. The new four cylinder version is expected to bring prosperity back to the model. Just 1483 units were sold in November compared to 2368 last year in the same month. In terms of the top 10 sales of car sales in November, the Falcon didn’t manage to secure any spot within the chart. That will come as a huge blow for Ford Australia.

Year to date sales also represent poor readings for Ford executives. They have sold just 17,635 units of the car so far from January to November which represents a worrying figure. In the same period last year, 10,000 more Ford Falcons were sold. The sales of the current model have dipped 37% from last year. At the peak of the Falcon’s success, they were selling at 70,000 annually during the 1990’s.

Current models

The current models of the car don’t just contain a six cylinder engine, other models include a turbocharged six cylinder and an LPG integrated engine too.

Customers reserving their purchase

Ford have released statement through spokeswoman Sinead Phipps saying that the company had expected a dip in sales of the Ford Falcon. She said that many potential owners are awaiting the arrival of the new model therefore reserving their purchase. The car is expected to launch in showrooms by the end of January next year.

The four cylinder Falcon

The new variant, the four cylinder turbocharged version, will be released later on in the year. The expected date is around March or April 2012. This particular model is expected to make a huge impact with Ford majorly placing their hopes upon the newly refreshed four cylinder engine. Its engine will be a major advantage in fending off rivals, with a 2.0 litre petrol engine sitting below the bonnet. It is the same engine that is used in the Ford Mondeo, making the transfer a very smart move.

Other details such as the performance and economy ratings have not yet been released by Ford. We expect the new Ford Falcon to be mightily impressive on that front. It will have to be to make it back into the top 10 chart.