Brigitte Richardson taking Voice Recognition to a new level 0

Brigitte Richardson, Ford’s speech systems lead engineer has explained how the company’s speech recognition system is set to become more technological.

No issue of background interference
According to Miss Richardson, Ford’s voice system will be able to train itself to understand voices despite the interference of background noise within the vehicle. She said “It learns every time you start speaking to the vehicle and it actively tries to determine what is just noise versus what is actually the person speaking,” she said.

Is this system smarter than a human?
With this type of software, there are many instances of different accents being misunderstood. However Ford’s Sync system seems to have overcome that problem. The system will clearly recognise how certain words are pronounced and understand exactly what anyone is speaking. (The system sounds more intelligent than most humans)

Working in the background
Miss Richardson said the voice recognition system is working even when there are no commands being thrown at it. She said “Also, in the background while the Sync system is listening to you speak these different commands, it’s actually listening to the way you speak and building a list of different pronunciations that you make.”

Other benefits of the Ford Sync System
She went on to explain how Bluetooth connectivity has made life a whole lot easier. “In the past you’d have to build a user profile and record the name of everyone in your phone book. We’ve evolved where it will automatically take the names from your phone book when you connect your phone via Bluetooth and make a list of them, turning them into ‘voice grammar’ – the transition of automatically knowing the names in your phone book.”

When will Europe receive the system?
If Ford’s Sync system is so good, why haven’t we received anything yet? Ford has announced that the Sync system will be built within cars throughout Europe towards the end of the year. Their aim is to have 13 million models with the Sync system built within by the year 2015. 3.5 million of those are expected to be within the European region.

Ford is taking the issue of Smart phones seriously. They understand that more and more users are demanding that their vehicle works cleverly with their phone. Considering this Ford are said to be developing smartphone apps to work with Ford’s Sync system.