2013 Ford Shelby GT500 0

The world’s most powerful V8 car has been unveiled in America in form of the 2013 Ford Shelby GT500.

The car has a tremendous amount of power which equates to 650 BHP with 600 lb.ft of torque. The V8 aluminium built block built engine is indeed the most powerful V8 available.  The car’s top speed is a tremendous 200 mph plus. It’s certainty a car for those who have a great need for speed.

Jose Capito

Jost Capito, the Director of Global Performance Vehicles and Motorsport Business Development said that although the car is capable of speeds on such a high level, everyday drivers are also able to use the car. He said “SVT keeps the Shelby GT500 on the cutting edge of technology and takes muscle car performance to new heights,” “We encapsulated every aspect of performance in this car – whether it’s 0-60, top speed, racetrack or quarter-mile times. Beyond that, the daily driver also will find this car perfectly fits his or her needs.”


Building such a powerful car is certain to bring about various complications. Engineers struggled to create a combination of gear changes to get the best out of the torque which the car is able to produce. The clutch was also carefully optimised in order to bring out the best in the car.

Jamal Hameedi, the Chief Engineer of the car, defended the approach towards building the car. He said “It might just seem like we’re putting a bigger engine into the car. But it’s been a balanced approach through and through,”

“We’ve completely redone the car to be even more sophisticated in terms of handling and control than the prior model.”

He continued to say that “We took a completely different approach with this car so drivers can choose their settings instead of a computer making the selection,”

“Nearly every system the driver interacts with can be tailored to his or her situation including the Bilstein electronic adjustable suspension, launch control, AdvanceTrac and steering assist levels.”


Kerry Baldori, the Ford SVT Global Performance Vehicles Chief Engineer discussed how the car tailored to be comfortable as well as powerful.

“The adjustable shocks let us develop our car on the track without any compromise,”

“Before, we had to tune the car with street implications in mind. Now we can go as extreme as we want on the track setting and still offer the customer a comfortable ride on the road.”

Can you imagine if we saw the Ford Shelby GT500 on our roads?