Why we love the Ford Focus Hatchback 0

focus-hatchbackReliable, stylish and always one step ahead of rivals, the Ford Focus has it all. We’ll explain what attributes make it consistently one of the best selling cars in the world in our article today.

Perhaps the car’s best-selling point is that there so many variants to choose from! There is a variant for every type of driver. For the more economical type of driver, the 99 BHP 1.0 litre EcoBoost petrol is a perfect choice. Long distance motorway drivers will find the 123 BHP version much more suitable to their driving style however. Those who require a more speed and performance, the two turbocharged 1.5 litre models will provide more satisfaction.

Great to drive

Although not as sweet as the Volkswagen Golf, the Ford Focus is renowned for having some of the finest handling in its class. On the road you’ll get a nice solid grip with the vehicle’s body control being superb, allowing the vehicle to have very good level of agility. The car will perform well when driving around bends at speed. The Ford Focus is also the perfect starter car, with it being so easy to drive. The tremendous accuracy provided within the vehicle’s steering, gearshifts and braking system make it that bit more satisfying to drive.

Superb refinement

Refinement and providing comfort is what the Focus is good at, and Ford’s latest model doesn’t let you down on that front. The cabin provides little noise from the wind. Petrol engines are especially good at delivering  low-level engine noise.

The Ford Focus known for it’s safety technology

Car safety technology is where Ford performs extremely well. What sets the Focus apart from the rest is the safety features, making the car a wonderful choice for families. Electronic stability control comes as standard across the whole model range, as are alarms. Torque vectoring provides distributive drive to he front wheel that has the most traction using stability control and brakes. Optional extras include blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control.

We can see the Ford Focus remaining on top and being the world’s number one best selling car for a number of years to come. With the American automotive company continuously developing innovative technology all the time, we’re sure the car will only get better.