Ford Transit Connect Review 0

The Ford Transit Connect is an extremely versatile vehicle with some superb attributes making it a great van. We take a look at some of our favourite features in our review of the van today.


The Ford Transit Connects versatility is possibly one of its most attractive features. There are so many different variants that there really something for everyone, no matter what business you may need to use the van for.

If selecting the high roof version of the van, the payloads of the van come between a 825 kg and 900 kg. The load volume stands at 3.67 cubic metres.

On the other end of the scale, when selecting a low roof model the payloads of the models come between 625 kg and 825 kg. The van’s load volume stands at 2.8 cubic metres.

Nice touches of practicality

The helpful step on the rear bumper of the car adds some extra practicality to the van. Its helps a great deal in gaining access to the van’s load area. A sliding door comes available as an extra is in general quite a useful feature that is worthy of choosing. The six loading points on the floor are all interchangeable with the side loading bays on the side. The roof of the van has six hooks to keep all loaded items secure.


The van has remote central locking as standard. The driver is kept safe with a drivers airbag installed. Unfortunately ABS comes on the Ford Transit Connect comes as an extra. If purchasing the vehicle brand new we believe it is an essential feature to opt for.